Kings of Terror

Kings of Terror


Wings of Destiny

A driving, pulsating Power Prog Metal assault.

Seems like it wasn’t long ago I was reviewing the reissue of WINGS OF DESTINY’s debut album ‘Time‘ and now here I am listening to their follow-up, 2016’s ‘King of Terror’. If ‘Time’ laid a strong foundation, ‘Terror’ has built a towering castle upon it. Holy Sh*T! Cranking things way past “11” while never losing the Prog intricacy or those wonderful melodic hooks.

Wings of DestinyWings of Destiny, for 2016.

First thing you’ll notice is David Roda’s tear our psyches apart Drumming–pure unbridled power. Then Vocalist Anton Darusso picks up those fragments of lost sanity crushing them into the dirt before sending them flying. While Guitarists Allan “Kalay” Murillo and Cristian Jiménez dig in with piercing, Neoclassical hooks, Bassist Edgardo Monge contributes unnecessary extra pummel, and Keyboardist Alejandro Amador offsets the unholy devastation with earworm elegance.

From opener “We Bring You The Night” there’s no turning back. Twelve tracks blending Power/Prog with splashes of Death and Symphonic inside crushing rhythms that shift between mid-tempo and WTF?!

No longer content to simply ride upon the shoulders of greatness. These guys are looking to stand out and above in the world of Metal.

Even less memorable tracks hold our attention with quirky little Operatic inserts and/or paint peeling breaks. Clearly MOD has worked heavily on the intricate song structures and the pitch-perfect mix/production which provide every note its proper, organic place.

“Eye of the Storm” showcases a Geoff Tate inspired Anton Darusso–just listen to those glass shattering soars. The playfully avante-garde opera “Siren’s Song” offers a small respite, adding guest Rebecca Malavassi for a stunning vocal duet.

Stand-out “Lie To Me” works an additive chorus into a crazy 70s-era QUEEN styled affair. The demonic “Touch the Sky” incorporates Gaelic folk with a madmen Darusso. Leading towards a beautiful acoustic Rock ballad, “Eternity”.

While double bass blaster “Angels & Demons” impresses with two(!) versions, including a killer bonus mix/duet closer with RHAPSODY OF FIRE’s Fabio Lione.

Why are you still reading? Why aren’t you listening? Costa Rica’s WINGS OF DESTINY has ushered in a reckoning force in Power Prog with ‘King of Terror’. One of the best albums you’ll hear all year and a no-brainer. Highly Recommended.


  • Anton Darusso's multi-personality vocal prowess.
  • David Roda's pounding drums.
  • The band's marked evolution of style and weight.
  • "Eye of Storm", "Touch the Sky", and "Angels & Demons".
  • The addictive "Lie To Me" and sweet gem "Eternity".

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