All That Matters Is the Song

When it comes to making music (Metal or otherwise) focus on what’s most important.

I’ve been thinking hard about what matters most through the thousands of albums I’ve heard and the even more music I’ve gleaned from radio through my years. Well? The only thing that truly matters is the song.
Not matter the beautific soar of the vocalist; the mind-bending performance from that virtuoso guitar prodigy; or the intricate, epic production it all comes down to that nearly indescribable connection the listener acquires with the wonderful balance between melody, harmony, lyric, and rhythm we call a song.
There’s a reason bands/musicians begin their journeys playing other people’s music. Performing iconic tracks that have etched their ways into the souls of these artists help them to forge their own identities.
So I council all burgeoning young talent, all would-be-future musical stars to stop worrying about technique, production facilities, or being able to purchase that killer drum-kit or classic Stratocaster you’ve been hinging your future upon. It all matters for not if you don’t have the songs to make an impact.
Sit down as an individual, or as a group, and just work it out. Think of those songs that excite you, empower you, swell emotion, stir a memory, or just plain make you smile and dance. Those are your sources of inspiration. If you can discover your songs all the rest will, hopefully, fall into place.

Good luck,