Well, the net might be full of film/television review sites, but it’s sorely lacking in the whole Heavy Metal/Hard Rock review sites. Actually, that’s a completely bullsh*t lie. There’s like dozens of competent, comprehensive, and compelling (call it a triple comp?!) Metal-centric sites. So why bother with creating a new one?

Simple: lots of ambition, lots of free time, and a touch of mental instability mixed with delusions of grandeur. ;-)

Years ago I sat down, with nary a clue or any skills and/or talent to build my “virgin” site, www.chadrschulz.com. Realizing how boring a static site full of limited content actual was I decided to upload a couple of my reviews on stuff I liked.

Hundreds of posts later and with numerous missteps and learned wisdom(?) that site became untenable. Simply too much crammed together, an incoherent mess–kinda like my mind.

So I worked for over a year, with plenty of stop/starts to “perfect” new, more specialized sites. Thus was born AlbumDig.com–Sorry, most of the cool domain names were taken. :-(

Hoping someday to involve other posters/reviewers I’ve built this site to be more community minded. It’s far from complete, I’ve got plans…big plans. But, in this current form it’s more than workable.

I grew up during a transition period of Metal/Rock in the 80s. Their most comercially successfully decade by far. And also some of the cheesiest cornball stuff ever concieved by man. I recognize my roots, but am constantly trying to expand my palate towards different genres and styles.

Having listened to like thousands of albums over my forty+ years I’ve been exposed to a lot of divergent material. Most of what I post/review here is a reflection of what I already know and like and my ever-expanding universe of world-wide Metal and Rock. I’m always looking for different and fresh.

Every review will offer the usual list of notable credits, clickable/linkable tags and categories, and a handy Wikipedia link to offer up additional album/band info. I’ve also included YouTube sample videos below the content for the kiddies.

Stealing Borrowing styles from many other review sites I’ve added pluses/minuses overviews below the review text and I’ve kept the letter grading intact from my previous site.

Not liking the way many review sites quantify quality with a number, I feel that a wholly weighted letter grading system best reflects the tone I want to project.

A “6.5” presents an below-average connotation, whereas a “C” seems more valued, more commendable. And WTF’s a “10”? Nothing in art should be defined as numerically perfect. Allowing for “extra-credit”, even “perfect imperfection” can still attain an “A+” if all the stars align.

A few things of note:

  • There are no banner ads as they annoy the hell out of me by cluttering a clean look. And they don’t really turn any tangible profit unless you have like hundreds of thousands of clicks.
  • There aren’t Amazon.com or any other buy this stuff here links. No problem with the idea of making a commission off visitors buying stuff leaving my site. It’s just that after years I’ve only made like 10 bucks and with all the legal hoops one has to jump through for Amazon’s affiliate program I figured… Basically, I suck at selling stuff and that’s not likely to change.
  • As most specialty sites offer limited info on outside respective genres (you can get stuff about Metal, but not Rock, and vice versa) I’ve simply decided to stick with the mother of all information services, Wikipedia. It’s missing tons of content (mostly on non-U.S. bands), but it remains the most comprehensive wiki available. And it’s non-profit to boot. Plus you can learn about lots of other non-music related stuff (if you’re so inclined).
  • As I get all my stuff the same way everyone else does (I pay for it), my access is limited by both my time and my budget. So any unsolicited access to appropriate materials is welcome. Be warned: I try not to post negative reviews, I’ve got better things to do. And I’ll never give anything but the most honest opinion.

As of now, this site in entirely run by me. I’ll make every effort to add fresh content to AlbumDig every week, as time permits. In the meantime, if you wish to comment on anything I’ve posted or if you have any interest in being a contributor to this site, contact me. If you’re a distributor/creator of content looking to have this site post a review/article about a band and/or album contact me.

Chad Schulz